Our Secret Identities

What’s up, Jeff and Jess here…

So you want the deets on us huh?


We could drop another “me too” ABOUT US section on here.

You know the ones where they ramble on forever in third person?


The ones that bore you so badly they make you secretly wish the button you just clicked was actually some sort of high voltage taser attached directly to your temples.

Well not up in here!

You came here to to find out if spending one more second on this site is going to…

…make you mo money.

…save you some time.

…make your life better in some way.

And likely you would feel better if you knew for sure we weren’t just a couple of internet weirdos.

Well check it…


We pop em.

Gangsta rap?

Ya, that’s the soundtrack to most of our work days.

And when we’re not doing our thing online you can usually catch us hunting down vintage comic books, hitting the weights, or hanging out with our boss Meeko.

Boss meeko

A gangster rap listenin, bottle poppin, super geek, network marketing couple?…

Ya ok, we might be a little weird…

BUT when it comes to destroying Google rankings, sucking in gobs of leads and sales daily,  and checkin cheddar in MLM?

We can hold court.

Granted we’re not blogging from the yacht deck just yet, our business does feel WAY more decadent then it used to.

Let us explain.

Unlike most, making bank has never been an issue for us in the network marketing game.

In fact we hit six figures in 9 months using offline methods when Jeff was just 22.

We have built teams with business volume in the tens of millions and have helped 12 other people go on to earn six figures a year in network marketing.

Damn! Blessed and grateful.


Big checks?

Super Bowl sized recognition rings?

Being a top earner?

Producing top earners?

Check, check, check, and check!

We built our business on pure hustle and did the grind that most don’t ever sac up and do.

We’ve read the books, gone to the seminars, got the t-shirt…

You get it.

The Starbucks barista’s knew our first names, our drink orders, hell they probably knew our presentation after hearing it 3 or 4 times a day 6 days a week.

Awkward home parties?

Did em.

Hotel ballroom presentations?

Yup, killed the stage in front of thousands too.

jeff at the front of the room

When we weren’t presenting the plan we were MLM mercenaries on the phone.

If you wanted skeptical Uncle Bob with the huge network in your downline you called US to do the threeway call.

At prime time our cell phone plans were bumped to 3000 minutes a month.

Do the math.

jessica front of room

Needless to say almost anything in our life that wasn’t our MLM business got pushed to the side in pursuit of our dream life.

Want to crush it offline?

Prepare to do what we did.

You didn’t really believe the company opportunity video that said it was easy did you?

To put this bluntly, the grind SUCKS…

…and recruiting other people into a lifestyle that you don’t really enjoy yourself is whack.

Talk about incongruity!

Now don’t get us wrong.

Some people love doing 3 way calls, meetings in coffee shops, and hustling the phones…

And we did experience incredible highs being top earners in our companies…

…traveling the world.

…staying in luxury resorts.

…building incredible friendships.

jeff & jess at atlantis

But despite those high’s we realized that doing something just so we could eventually stop doing it was dumb.

We wanted to enjoy the process and find something we could retire INTO not AWAY FROM.

Straight up we wanted a more Luxureus path to our goals which led us to building our business online.

Now it wasn’t all champagne wishes and caviar dreams when we started.

We spent crazy cake on mentors, courses, tools, and had lot’s of trench time.

But tens of thousands of dollars later and after all those hours of bangin our heads on our keyboards things finally started to click.

We decided blogging and free traffic was how we were going to keep it pimpin.

Today our blogs are valeted directly to Google’s front page VIP section where they are pampered and treated like royalty for thousands of eyeballs to see.

We collect leads in luxury and have new people join us on the daily in any program or product we choose simply because we got the free traffic skills on lock.

Want proof? Give this some click love.

Doesn’t having pre qualified, credit card waving people chase you down in droves sound a little more plush than grinding day in and day out in streets?

We thought so.

Now sit back, relax, throw on your favorite velour smoking jacket, and pour yourself a nice tall glass of that 2009 Chateau Margaux…

…because we’re about to show you exactly how we rank and bank with class and style through in depth live case studies and the best plays from our marketing playbook.

Kiss coffee shop meetings goodbye.

Go burn your company flip chart.

Unless the home party involves you getting crunk forget about RSVPing.


Do this.

Copy us. Ball out.

It’s that simple.

You ready?

Pfttt, as if we needed to ask.


Live lavish,

Jeff & Jess