Video Marketing – The Most Powerful Force On The Planet

Ok maybe not the MOST powerful, but it’s pretty crazy.

Just look what it did for Justin Bieber (for better or for worse)

He went from an awkward looking prepubescent boy with a bad bowl cut to a lambo racing, tat covered, international pop star!

All because of the exposure he got from his innocent YouTube videos back in 2007.

I know what you’re thinking.

“I don’t have any singing skills nor do I desire to be America’s next teen heart throb”


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Get Your Beautiful Mug On Google! – How To Setup Google Authorship

If you are serious about blogging, then setting up Google Authorship is an absolute must!

Don’t know what that is?

No sweat.

We got you covered.

When you go to Google to search whatever it is you are looking for, you may come across pictures next to the link.

Sorta like this…


This just means that all your posts on your blog are now linked to your Google+ profile.

Why does that matter?

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